Name:RFID silicone bracelet watch clasp ID chips RF tags wristbands
standard:EM4100/ISO14443A/ISO15693/ISO18000-6C(EPEC GEN2)

General tag: 125KHz/13.56MHz/UHF

Accord  EM4100/ISO14443A/ISO15693/ISO18000-6C(EPE GEN2) standard

In accordance with the requirements of customers printing picture, LOGO, serial number

It is suitable for member management

 Product technique:

1. Product model:  CF-TU9907

2. Frequency: 125KHz/13.56MHz/UHF

3. Standard: EM4100/ISO14443A/ISO15693/ISO18000-6C(EPEC GEN2)

4. Chip type:EM4100/ Mif /Icode2/Alien

5. Diameter:35mm

6. Length*Width: 231.5mm*20mm

7. Working mode: read or write

8. Working range: depends on the reader

9. Anti-collision mechanism: NO

10. Data retention(yrs): 10

11. Tag material:Silicone

12. Antenna material:aluminum

13. Working temperature: -15°C~+80°C

14. Application:

15. Applied to personnel management

16. Applied to access control management