Name:Silicone MIFAREĀ® 1K wristband

RFID wristband/bracelet is a convenient and durable radio frequency non-standard card, which can wear on the wrist. 

It make of the silicon, PVC, paper, tyvek or teslin, outward appearance attractively and wear comfortably. It can divide into 

the disposable wristband and reuse wristband, be widely used in access control system, payment system, member 

management, etc. 

Ā· Frequency: 13.56MHz

Ā· Protocol: ISO14443A

Ā· Diameter: 55mm/65mm/74mm

Ā· Color: Red, Black,Gray,customized

Ā· Reading Distance: 4-10cm depends on the reader and enviroment

Ā· Chip: MIFAREĀ® 1K

Ā· Craft: Silk printing,laser+fill color



Ā· Identification

Ā· Access control system

Ā· Payment system

Ā· Member managemen