Name:NFC Elastic Stretch bracelet adjustable

The wristbands feature an RFID tag, enabling compatibility with RFID event solutions, including access control, cashless payments 

and social media integration. Our RFID wristbands can be fully customised to suit your festival, conference, event or sponsor’s brand, 

which are applied for businesses, companies, corporations and organisations looking to promote their brand or event.

·  Product: Adjustable waterproof NFC Elastic Stretch bracelet

· Material: Polyester and nylon materials

· Color: customized

· Chip: Fudan F08

· Protocol: ISO14443A

· Size: 180x25mm,160x25mm,145x25mm,200x25mm

· Memory: 1K byte

· Frequency: 3.56mhz

· Material: Polyester

· Write endurance: 100000 times


· Fitness Centres

· Spa Hotels

· Ticketing at Water Resorts

· Security/AccessControl

·  Festivals

· Concerts

· Resort Visit