Name:RFID HF Inlay

We have ultrasonic and flip technique to produce PVC Card Inlay. A. the cards made by Flip will have very flat surface, and very thinner thickness; B. ultrasonic, it has the best working performance no matter for the reading distance, or the card’s surface.



· Frequency: 13.56 MHz

· Standard: ISO14443, ISO:15693

· Material: PVC, PET

· Dimension: 305mm x 460mm, Max. size 500mm x400mm, A4 210mm x297

· Layout: 3×7, 5×5,3×8,4×8,4×10, or any Customization of CR80 card or any unit antenna size

· Thickness: HF normal 0.45mm,0.5mm, min.0.30mm

· Working temperature: -25°C ~ +55°C

· Store temperature: -25°C ~ +65°C