Name:RFID printed label

RFID Printed label provides simplicity for Logistics, Identification, Assets Tracking, Inventory Management, even in e-Payment, E-ticket etc., with a low cost paper label tag. It based on existing contactless infrastructure around the world that is already in use by millions of people on a daily basis, it’s actually a technology that makes peoples lives easier.


Logo printing

 Standard: ISO18000-6C

 Thickness: 0.35mm

Available chip & Antenna size:

Alien Higgs 3: 9610/9710(44.45x10.325mm), 9613(12x9mm), 9620(27x9.7mm), 9627(30x45mm), 9629(22.5x22.5mm), 9630(70x9.5mm), 9634(44x46mm), 9640(94.8x8.15mm), 9654(93x19mm), 9662(70x17mm).

Impinj Monza 4: E41-B/C (95x8mm), E42(68x19.2mm), B41/42(22x8mm), F43(26x16mm), J41(dia12mm),etc.

Impinj Monza 5: J51(dia12mm), F51(22.5x22.5mm), H51(50x30mm), E51(95x8mm), E52(68x14mm), E53(44x18mm), etc

Impinj Monza R6: ER62(70x14mm), H6(68x14mm), HR61(50x30mm), AR61F(40x15mm), B6(44.45x10.33mm), G6(50x30mm), etc

NXP U CODE7: U71(95x8mm), U72(70x9.5mm), U73(44.45x10.33mm), H7(68x14mm), etc


• Access control
Management of warehouse items
 Cargo tracking management