Name:RFID Library Labe

The RFID Library Label is designed to offer one-stop convenience to library staff and users via RFID technology, Using the latest RFID technology, Information can be read much faster than with traditional barcodes. This technology improves economic efficiency and provides cost saving measures, while at the same time providing better protection of library resources. Our products can support small office library as well as mega libraries with millions of books.


Antenna: AL etching antenna

Dimension: 50*50mm or 80*50mm or 100*5mm or customized

popular chip: NXP ICODE SLI, Alien H3, Impinj M4/M5

Shelf Life: 5 Years

Recommended: -25 to +50

Humidity: 20% to 90%RH

Operating Temp: -40 to +65


Key Benefits


Enable multiple items check-in/-out simutaneously

Increase patronage by efficient self check-in/-out system

Improve inventory checking process and accuracy

Streamline book sorting & re-shelving process Enhance security level of library resources



Asset management, books management, anti-theft, book store management